Launching a website

18 Jul

In the current world, running a business is not complete without having a website. It’s almost a must, even though many small businesses are reluctant to put their presence online. Some business owners believe this isn’t necessary, but given the amount of success some have experienced through their websites, it should be an issue to attend to.

The following requirements will help you establish a website without spending too much.

Michael Clasby


Knowing where your website will be hosted shouldn’t be your first decision, but it ranks among the more important ones. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to web hosting, so do your research. If you hire a web designer to do it, they might have a preference that you can ask about.


The domain is the address that your website will be referred by. For businesses, the best domain makes use of the official business name. On some occasions though, the name may be taken, so go for something memorable or catchy that website visitors won’t have trouble associating with.

Website design

Just like any endeavor, rolling out a new website requires proper planning. Even if a professional web designer will be doing the job, have a say in the design, color, and feel of the site. If you do it on your own, keep it simple. Start with a few pages, add as you get comfortable with the process.

Michael Clasby is a California-based professional photographer looking to put his business online through a website. He’s worked in the field for more than a decade, and looks to give his clients a taste of his career in photos.

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