Architectural Styles

04 Jul

Throughout history, buildings have been stretched, pulled and pushed into various styles. Whether it’s in response to reliving the past, the emergence of new technology, or embracing the future, architecture has been a reminder of the shifting human tastes and preferences.

Perhaps the most visible area of construction where a myriad of designs abound is in home construction, with the following architectural tastes among the most popular.

Contemporary styles

Contemporary architectural styles feature minimalist designs, open floor spaces, and the wide use of modern mixed materials (think concrete and glass). A lot of modern homes make use of the contemporary styles, which is a favorite of architects and a complete departure from conventional architecture. The simplicity of the designs works well in urban homes, and the open floor plans allow the homeowner to modify the home to their liking.

Colonial designs

The colonial design reflects the preference of early American settlers. Such styles still abound, and are present in New England Salt Boxes and the Dutch Colonials of New Jersey. Colonial style homes feature square or rectangular foundations, are typically two-stories high, have end or central chimneys, and adhere to strict window alignment (both horizontally and vertically).

Mediterranean designs

Mediterranean house designs are prevalent in open landscapes, and are a feature in Texas, California and Florida. The design borrows from Renaissance era seaside villas, and feature terra cotta roofs and arch motifs. Wrought iron windows or wooden grills give the home a glamorous feel, and the floor plans provide for spacious rooms, expansive patios, and lush gardens. Mediterranean styles are common with family vacation homes.

Michael Clasby is a professional photograph with a special love for architecture, which comes from taking pictures of architecture (alongside nature and fashion) for more than a decade.

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